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Up to the 3rd day everything went along to plan. We were supposed to work aboard a excursion to the Demiliterized Zone, border among North and South Korea, which is a ceasefire line among Capitalist and Communist,air mas shoes,agreeable and evil However, the others are not interested and don't paucity to part their money which could purchase them 4 metres of Korean silk. I didn't mind going alone merely back contemplating the entire night ahead I decided never nike ventilation max uk to work I might visit Korea afresh then I'll obtain my occurrence with others who has the same interest with I am.
So, we have an accessory daytime off. The others decided apt equitable sleep within till noon. I went out early alone,work visit some palaces,venture apt arrest the Palace Guards. Took a taxi ride which namely so curse cheap The metre didn't even alter stayed at 900 won which is 100 yen. In Tokyo, fares starts at Y660.
What's left to do within Seoul namely shopping. First shopping agenda is apt find the store which sells silk kain ela. Zafie was here along she gave us the dwelling This mart is where forever Malaysians among Korean mart as silk, the embassy promotes it. He exports its silk to Malaysia. The zone namely near our guesthouse, Kwangjang Market. We called the mart the owner can talk English and a mini Malay. Just advert you're Malaysian and they would be willing apt select you up from the roadhouse We took the cab and she waited at the entrance of the mall.
Kwangjang Market speacializes within silk fabrics and clothes. A excellent numeral of shops there escape small factories of their own to manufacture fabric The space feels prefer inexpensive jordan shoes Geylang among the age days alternatively Pasar Bukit Tinggi among Sumatera. Shoplots with some never bigger than a cabinet.
Dah masuk kedai, maka membelibelahlah kami. The others bought a lot. Untuk Mak, nenek, adik, kakak ipar, kawan etc etc. I only bought two. My home dah malas nak pakai silk. Each costs 50,000 won for four metres, a special price as Malaysians. Korean sells kain ela by yard. But since this mart caters for Malaysians, they hack it by metres. I think we came out with 12 pasang kain ela.
The appoint namely Hyun Woo Silk. The address is 187, 188 1F Kwang Jang Textile Department, 61 Yejidong Jongroku,cheap jordan shoes, Seoul. Phone: 22690169, 22760169. Hp: 0112760169. Getting off the Tongdaemun Station on Subway Line four,Chongno 5ga Station aboard Subway Line an alternatively Tongdaemun Station aboard Subway Line two.
Dah habis borong kedai dia, I asked the lovely girl to accompany me outside I deficiency to buy other kain ela, nonsilk. I asked her to tawar as me. I bought another 4 outdoor All of them five yards. (Banyaklah Mak nanti dapat kain perca lebih nike atmosphere max 2013 nak buat selimut) Winter namely coming, so corak kain pun suram2 sikit. I'm 200,000 won poorer by the end of our short journey apt Kwangjang Market.
All the three of us namely short amid won. Belum pergi Nandaemun Market lagi nih!! Can't retreat money as Japanese bank ATM card has no Cirrus ke hapa ke yang boleh recede money overseas Korekkorek always the yen we still have and tukar  duit by the bank.
Sent our barang borongan back apt the guesthouse and went out again This period to the Han Riverside Park. Han River seperates Seoul into halves. A fine clean river with parks on either sides. I admire it. There were folk on a picnic, rollerblading, strolling enjoying the view.
We took the Hangang River cruise by Yanghwa. A circular junket to Yeoido. The spend was seven,200 won back 20% deduct with our Seoul City Tour Bus deduct We started by sunset On Wednesday, we went out quite early within the a m Had the usual breakfast by Subway and off apt Nandaemun Market. If it's made, you can find it among Namdaemun. This market has everything including clothing, glasses, bags, shoes, accessories, ceramic ware, glassware,food camping and climbing equipment. Haggling namely encouraged as price tags are usually never acclimate Namdaemun is so colossal that probably one daytime ambition never be enough. But fortunately(?) as us, we are out of won and most shops don't adopt glory cards.
First, we went looking for the brooch. Found several shops, arcadelike. Went it, tengoktengok, belekbelek,grab sana sikit sini sikit. The spend ranges starts an,500 won to berpuluhpuluh ribu won. I shouldn have bought more but there are other material to buy.
Asalkan berjalan sikit,air max 1, masuk kedai, sure came out with some matter Memang rambang mata, rambang segalagalanya. I got my haversack. Dapat tawar harga from 40,000 to 22,000 won. We went crazy at one jeans mart It sells jeans with motifs aboard beaded, printed etc and its artworks were sold by Takashimaya! Haiya. mana boleh lepaskan peluang. We came out with 3 jeans and one denim jacket and 180,air max 95,000 won poorer. Itupun I managed apt haggled for 20,000 won fewer (The boss complimented on my capability hehe) It was DD's honor card apt the emancipate.
Then, we were looking for some souveniors. Bought likewise kimchi seaweed. It tasted quite appealing Buy afterwards I'm wholly out of won and had to borrow money from the girls.
Our last night surrounded Seoul and we have had the event still apt example Korean food I asked the aid from someone by the guesthouse (Not sure who is the worker nike free running who is the guests). Told him our criteria and he took us apt the fine small restaurant opposite the guesthouse,cheap air jordans.
This namely what we ate. I have not idea what the nominate namely But it was a medial hot soup with tofu,egg and clams amid them and rice. That's the main dish. The recess are freebies. I think it namely prefer ulam and sambal belacan barely we don't get it free surrounded malaysia kan). There's kimchi, a salted, pickled vegetable dish, its best known edible by the altitude left corner). Next apt it namely a dish that tasted favor fishcake. Then bottom two are both pickled onion alternatively cucumber (couldn't diagram out what namely was) and seaweed. And a big salads serving.
Koreans eat rice with fork and spoon. The way I saw folk by the other desk eat, you put everything into the rice and merge them well,then you eat. Kitorang buat stail makan melayu, ambil lauk sikitsikit. We ate the rice with the chopstix. (Terover Jepun lak we forever hehe) The edible costs 3,500 won every six days five nights. The longest I've spent by an place while travelling never counting the 2 weeks among Japan last anniversary for that was holiday meantime visiting relatives). Usually three days is the max. I jordan shoes bargain was a poor student aboard a shoestring budget within the US and UK.
I spent 26,000 yen as the flight seal And I finished just about 300 won that I brought apt Seoul. That was 50,000 yen. And I still had apt borrow repeatedly 10,000 yen from DD.
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